Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Northern Farms 18 Oct 09

Great short ride at the Dirt Festival at the Northern Farms. We completed the 20km route as we has to rush home as one of the Lion cubs was in hospital. The track was very lucky not to have the 2 heavy weights punish even further..

2 fat bastards before the race

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday Ride - 3 October 09

What an awesome ride today, I picked up ratty at 06:00 and we ventured off into the Benoni outback. First stop at the sandpan for a few 'careful' rides on the off road bike track (ground is very loose after the first summer rains).
Off through the open veld heading towards Bapsfontein - we met up with a group of 5 mountain bikers who were going on a long distance ride. We did about 15km with them and they showed us new a new route into the plots. It was nice chatting with the guys and I did not have to look at look at the Rat for a change. We peeled off with one of the riders when we realised that these boys mean business and were doing a long haul.
Ratty and Lion rode through the agricultural plots and on piece of single track, my front wheel hit a large grass clump, back tyre slid out and I went flying face first into the grass. Ratty who was (too) close behind me went crashing into my bike and we both ended on the ground. Below is a photo of the aftermath (there were a group of farm labourers who witnessed this an couldn't believe their eyes - eish). Petit Boere market next - we rode in past the stalls and stopped for a quick coffee followed by a home made lemon shooter to restore our dignity.

Homeward bound in lovely overcast weather.