Sunday, February 9, 2020

2020 vision on my MTB (avoiding the monkey)

Awesome riding for 2020 so far, it has been a great year with some incredible rides shared with the Benoni Rough Rider clan. Almost 900km riding in the month of Jan and some new routes and experiences. We ventured out to SuikerBosRand nature reserve(SBR) and did a bit of off-road - the track was slightly over grown since the last time, so it was interesting to forge new paths and a  bit of riding the rapids today after a few days of heavy rain. 

This year sees the introduction of the monkey (derived from the saying - monkey on my back). This is a floating trophy that is handed around the Rough Rider group and displayed by the last person that has fallen off their bike. I was the first to carry it but it has been passed around a few times since.   Below are a few pictures from 2020:

Rough Riders monkey carried by the last person to fall
Selfie at the top of the hill after bush whacking at SBR
SBR outride was awesome - chunky trying to keep up
Birthday ride
A bit of Riverfields track before work
Yes I can ride and take phots at the same time...
Team Metskill
Group ride...
More coffee...
Handing over the Monkey to Franz 
Displaying the monkey when it was on my back
Morning rides before work
Always enriching to see a sunrise in the morning. 
The Last Outpost -new coffee stop in Bapsfontein

Train tracks on the way to SBR
Beck lost in the long grass
Becky and Michael

Riding the rapids


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