Sunday, November 20, 2011

2011 94.7 road race blog report

Garmin - details for the 94.7 race

Awesome ride today as I achieved my goal to crack the 4 hour mark (an hour faster than last year). Really chuffed with myself, after a slow start I managed to pick up the pace on the N14 highway and handled the last few hills with no problem. Fortunately the weather was not as hot as last year and it makes a big difference starting at 7:35 instead of 8:30.

Ok you want the real truth about my dramatic increase in performance - no it was not drugs or the almost 6000kms done on my MTB since the last race. I decided to become a real roadie for one day and shaved my legs (painstaking process of culling 42 years of growth). So there you have it, my slick little pegs took me home in record time.
Happy camper at the end of the race

Sunday, November 13, 2011

To be or not to be?

...well that is the question I now ask - whether it is nobler to be a road biker or a dirty mountain biker.

This quandary has been easily solved the the past few weeks - I like my dirt in double helpings please.

I have once again entered the 94.7 road race and a few weeks ago I dusted off my trusty old Scott road bike to have a few helpings of the tar side before the race on the 20th of November. I just managed to do just 2 weekend tar rides (75 and 80kms) before resolutely swaying back to my trusty Giant Anthem 29er.  Road is not too bad. but it ain't mountain biking - the exhilarating rush of adrenalin when you hit the single track, the beautiful morning sunrises as you venture through the veld and the constant concentration required as you vigilantly watch the track in front of you.  
One week to go before the race and once again the mountain bike was chosen as my weapon of choice this morning. We had a blistering 60 odd km ride at just under 23km/h (our fastest ride to date). And it was extremely enjoyable and that is what riding should be about, enjoyment - not worrying, when a massive truck goes speeding past you or a car hoots because you have transgressed 5cm into the road. But this a debate is for another time - I will be riding my road bike next Sun, why because it is easier and faster on the closed off roads.   

Am I ready for the race - well I am hoping that my almost 6000kms riding since the last 94.7 will hold me in good stead and hopefully the heat will not 'again' be a factor when I hit the N17 highway. At least I am starting a little earlier this year 07:35 as opposed to 08:20 last year. Watch this space for the race report next week and good luck to the 26 thousand riders taking part.