Sunday, May 21, 2017

Route 42 2017

Another Route 42 race in Nigel (my fifth one). This 75km MTB race, never disappoints always a great route with lots of variation - mielie fields, jeep track, rocky single track, a few climbs and a small forest section. It was a pretty hard race with Wayne and I keeping the back markers company. Becky got another podium and the fatties (Sean and Michael) did really well, Sean out sprinting Alistair for the finish. Greg and Claire did well also on the tandem - don't know how they rode some of the rocky sections as I struggled.  
Rough Riders at the start Sean, Mike, Becky, me and Wayne, Clair and Greg somewhere behind (Alistair is still putting his bum cream on at the car :-)

Action photo - lots of skill to ride with one hand
Sean giving me and Wayne some support at the finish 

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