Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Phew….some fresh and hard riding

It has been some fresh riding the past few weeks. Early morning temps plummeting well below 0 degrees Celsius. But we will soldier on and slay this small obstacle they call winter. The past few weekends I have had some great rides with some fantastic people. 
Rebecca, Sean and I went out past Serengetti and the brick yard for a loverly 70km leg stretch followed by great coffee at our regular spot - Have Java for coffee (with Penny as our waitress). Seems they have our order ready and waiting by the time we get there - big jugs of water and a few Plat Kops or Cappuccinos with an extra shot of espresso. 
We also had a great ride out to Sentrarand last Sunday, a good bunch at a fast pace. 
Some wild life on our ride
Rebecca and Sean
Today June the 16th was a tough ride out to Heidelberg radio mast and back. The group was made up of Rebecca, Sean, Billy, Juan, Ian and of course me. The pace was insane in the beginning - Ian was showing us that even though it was Youth Day he was going to teach us a lesson on how to toughen up (or maybe it was my comment about Alzheimer's because he forgot his helmet that he decided to put the hammer down). Also it was really cold the temp was at -5 degrees Celsius when Sean had to stop and fix a puncture. 
The route was great, Ian took us back a different way along the train tracks to Brakpan. I don't really want to see some train track stones for a while as we rode through plenty of them…was a really tough ride and I am pretty broken now. 
Sean, Juan, Rebecca and Billy
Ian waiting patiently at the bottom of the mast climb for us..
Anybody know a good bike mechanic?
Top of the radio mast climb - time to catch our breath