Sunday, July 21, 2013

Back to basics

So after a few weeks of eating and drinking toooo much I decided to get back into riding again. The cold weather has definitely been a joy kill. I had a great business trip overseas to England and France and the weather was amazing, hot days and sun only setting at 10 at night. Coming back home, it is difficult to face the cold morning air, for early morning rides before work. Nevertheless I have committed to do at least 3 rides per week. Today Adam and I went out for a great ride out into the Benoni outback, phew my legs were tired, cant believe how quickly I have lost the little fitness that I had. Here are the stats for my ride.

Oh!! the past few weeks have been enthralling, 3 weeks of closely watching the Tour De France 2013. It has been amazing, those guys are just incredible athletes. I have been cheering for Chris Froome (as he is an African and was educated here in Johannesburg). He will win the 100th Tour De France today and I can't wait as I have been wearing my Sky shirt that I got in London for the past few days and it is beginning to ripen...

On a more serious note, I heard when I got back from my ride today that a mountain biker was knocked over and killed close to where we rode. Really sad news and my thoughts are with his family. RIP.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Impey you biscuit

Wow how awesome it is to have the first South African Daryl Impey to wear the yellow jersey in the Tour De France. As South Africans we are so very proud of this moment and what makes it even better is that Daryl went to the same school as me, Jeppe High School for Boys. Lets hope he can keep the yellow for a few days.