Sunday, February 14, 2016

Out and about

Rememberable rides in the past few weeks, awesome to be out there with like minded souls and explore the limits of my endurance sorounded by beautiful scenery. Below is a awesome photo taken on our Friday coffee ride with Blouwpan dam in the background.

Rebecca on her fatty can't even block out this beautiful sunrise.
Sunday the 7th of Feb we did a group ride out to Heidelberg. Some of the Benoni Rough Riders -Mark, Rebecca, Michele, Sean, myself and Etienne (honorry member) met up with a group of Brakpan and Boksburg mountain bikers, for a incredible ride to summit the 2 towers around Heidelberg Town. The route was a bit muddy for the first bit after heavy rain the night before but after about 25km we hit dry ground for fast smooth tracks the rest of the ride. 

Signs of drought when you floating bridge doesn't float so much any more..
Summit of Hill 1 - group photo taken by me (yes I was there)
Thorn amongst the roses - Michele, Becky and Sean (Telkom tower in the background)
Joburg to Sea contenders Mark and Etienne
Benoni Rough Riders - Becky, Michelle, me, Sean, Mark and Etienne on Summit of Hill 2
Heidelberg 2 Towers ride is one of my favourite rides, Wimpy stop at half way for a coffee is always a must. I must admit the last 10km was a bit of a slog, we came back via Heidelberg road and it was over 35 degrees celsius. I was pulling amps trying to keep up with the group and even had a slight push from Sean once or twice to get me back up there.  102km mountain bike ride can take its toll on the body at the end, but I survived and I am hopefully a stronger rider for it. Great ride with awesome people and I managed to get a KOM for a Strava segment I created on the single track from Telkom Tower to Heidelberg road (aptly named Rough Riders free flow)
Breather as we wait for riders to catch up after they had mechanicals 
We did another of my favourite rides a week earlier to Big Red Barn bike park and back, this is also over a 100km ride. Nice flowing route there and back, and the track at Big Red Barn is awesome. After riding there and doing about 25km at the bike park we met up for a coffee and breakfast roll at the restuarant there to replenish energy levels for the ride home. Great ride with good company... 
Rough Riders - Michael, Michelle, Wayne, Marco, Mark and me

We had to hop over the railway line because of a sewage puddle blocking the tunnel 
Michelle pulling me home - fatty on the left trying to keep up