Thursday, January 24, 2013

Weekday rides

So the past few weeks of riding have been really great, we now have a good bunch of guys riding in the mornings (from 6 to 10 guys).  At the moment we are riding 3 times during the week and then longer weekend rides depending on races and bike parks etc.

The riding program we are developing to make our morning rides more fun goes as follows:
1.  Sneak Attack Tuesday – interval training each guy is allowed a sneak attack and when he goes everyone must follow, this is quite fun and makes intervals much more interesting (and competitive)
2.  Long Wednesday – generally do a longer ride on Wednesday 40-45km
3. Time Trial Thursday – we scoped out a route last week, it is about a 12km loop from a central point and the idea is that you go like the clappers and try and improve your time from the week before (and of course beat your mates)

I have also purchased myself a nice new gadget to mount on my bike, it's an Optrix iPhone case. It's really cool, I just slip my Apple iPhone 4 in and with an app loaded on the phone I can take great quality videos of our rides.

This is really great because now I can film those magical rides and edit the footage to post on this blog, so that I can share with  everyone and also have these rides on record for years to come. Here is my first attempt of some of the ride we did this Wednesday morning before work: 

Seen here in the video is Greg, Marco, Chris and Mike. Mark and the others opted for shorter route this day and had left us by the tme the video app was started (stick with us boys I will make you famous)....

Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 here we come

So it has been a great week of riding for the first week of 2013. Greg and me have done a few of rides ranging from 40 to 73km, our first was the customary ride on New Years day itself. We also rode with new people this week i.e. Ziggy and Chris which is always refreshing. Below are a few photos from our rides. 
Justin tackling the single track of New Year's day
Only in South Africa do you have railway police patrolling to stop cable theft


Serious Greg
Chris joined us for a great ride on his Santa Cruz with 27inch wheels and saddle hydration pack

The squeak and creak free Greg
Lastly this week I lost a hero with the premature passing of South Africa mountain bike legend Burry Stander after he was senselessly hit by a mini bus taxi. Burry was a incredible inspiration to all mountain bikers and he will be sorely missed for years to come. Burry thank you for the impact your short life had on so many people R.I.P.

Picture taken off Burry Stander's Facebook page courtesy of Gary Perkin