Saturday, August 24, 2019

Weekend jol at Belfast

So I was fortunate enough to have a weekend away at my mates place at The Lochs, just outside Belfast. It was an awesome weekend with a couple of good mates that I have know since high school.  On the Sunday morning (nursing a slight hangover), Craig and I ventured out on our mountain bikes. It was so great riding different routes and exploring through the pine forests. Craig an avid biker knew his way around and took me on a great route that was short enough that we could get back in time for brunch with the rest of the clan. Riding outdoors here is incredible and the scenery allows you to appreciate the beauty of South Africa, forgetting all the troubles that are facing in our country. Thanks Craig and Mieke for your hospitality and the great memories old and new.

We going that way....

Nothing flat, either up or down

Found a paved rode through the forest
Customary selfie with Craig and I
Puffing up a drag and I could still have the skills to take a selfie :-) 

Winter rides and sunrises

So winter is officially over as the leg warmers and balaclava have been packed away. We rode through winter once again, although the Rough Riders numbers were somewhat reduced on the really chilly mornings. This time of the year you get to experience some incredible sun rises in the morning and I have managed to capture some of these on my phone:
SentraRand out ride
Korsman Pan

Modderfontien -3 degrees at the start of the ride
Paul, Franz and Sean
Paul makes an appearance at the end of winter
On the way to SentraRand
Out ride to Kitty Hawk- finished on 116km