Sunday, October 1, 2017

The wheel still goes round....

So long time no blog. Still riding though, at least 4-5 times a week. Summer is on its way and it is warmer and lighter every day. Rough Riders morning rides have changed to summer times for the mid week rides - meeting at 04:40 in the dip. I have had some great weekend rides over the past 2 months - we have had a few rides out to the Big Red Barn by Irene and back (breakfast stop at the Barn), Heidelberg, Suikerbosrand and other great rides out to Sentrarand or sticking with the roadies (Apricot Tree 94,7 group training rides).

I also managed to get my wife back on her bike (which has tubeless tyres due the expertise of Sean Brown). We did a race a few weeks ago - 10km  but it is at least a start. We also went to Wattle Spring Trails MTB track and Linda had her first experience on riding over a floating bridge (she also got 3 QOM crowns on Strava :-) followed by Big Red Barn track the next weekend.
Linda coming out the forest
New floating bridge at Wattle Spring Trails
Heidleberg ride - Telkom Tower, Wimpy and headwind home 
Best breakfast in town at Have Java after a Sentrarand ride
Apricot Tree 94,7 training ride - Wayne, me and his outlaws
Start of the 10km TVL Galvanizers race