Monday, November 30, 2009

Beast of the East 29th Nov 09

The Beast of the East mountain bike race held at Dunplain Equestrian Estate in the East Rand - the Lion needed to lick his wounds after the 94.7 race and rediscover that Mountain Biking is far better than riding on the road (Ratty declined to share this expeience with Lion).

This was by far the best race of the year - the course had a bit of variety from drop offs, jeep track, water and water crossings. I did the race with work colleague Martin Felix and my neighbour Gerry Capatos. It was really an awesome experience, I felt strong the whole race and did my best time or km per hour this year.
Below are picutes of Gerry and Martin at the start.

Momemtum 94.7 road race 15th Nov

What a long, hot and tiring race - Lion was reduced to a kitten in this race. The mountain bike and the hot tar for 96.5km, was not a good combination (never mind the fact that hills were on steriods that day). Next year will have to be on a road bike :( and I must refrain from partying in the early hours of the morning in Cape Town a few days before.
Positives - it was awesome experience 26000 people started the race (so I never rode alone) and there was a real vide between everyone. Below is a picture of me and a good mate Bradley who came to support around the half way mark.


Monday, November 2, 2009

First 100km up

Sunday the 1st of November Lion accomplished an amazing feat. He teamed up with a couple of road bikers (sorry for being unfaithful Ratty) and punished the tar for 100km. It was tough going trying to keep up with the lighter road bikes (and the fitter people on them) but it was acheived.

Come on 94.7 road race - the Lion is not afraid anymore.