Sunday, June 5, 2016

So the cold begins...

Life after Sani - after returning from our value for money Sani, I took my bike to Procycles to send to the Giant agents to see if I could if they would replace my frame under the warranty. Sean Brown was incredible in letting me use his new fat bike until my bike returned. I spent a week riding on the fat bike - wow it was a different ride and is really awesome. Good news is that Giant will be replacing my broken frame with a new one at the end of June - super amped. 
Riding in the mornings before work is getting harder, with the temperatures plummeting and the sun only rising once you get home. Plenty of the crew are hibernating until the weather warms up but as usual I will soldier on through winter. As long as we ride at least 2 times during the week and once on the weekend the winter fat rolls should be kept abated.
Incredible photo of the misty sunrise on my ride this morning
Fat bike riding 
Sean and Becky training for their Race to Rhodes race