Monday, March 26, 2012

Sani2C training

Another great week of training for the Sani2C, we managed another 240km this week. Our ride on Sunday was pretty long at 94km and slightly different as we used some paths less traveled i.e. bundu bashing. It great to out in the open fields with like minded souls and it turned out to be quite an adventure with us pioneering new routes through the bush. Our fitness levels are improving as we notch up the kilometers but the legs are starting to take strain (a few days of recovery is the answer).
Mark, Greg and Adam - stretching, eating and getting rid of warm clothes
Can you see a path up there? Well we made one..

Mmmmm what is the best way down here?
"Hey guys my way is easier..."
"OK, maybe not..."

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Human Rides Day 2012

Hey it was a public holiday in South Africa today, Human Rights Day aka Human Rides Day. Nothing better then having a mid week break and been able to ride for 3 hours. Greg and I ventured out onto the trails alone, as our new Sani2C training buddies - Adam and Mark went big the night before for Adam's birthday and were in no shape tear up the trails. 

We had a very pleasant ride but our legs were still taking strain from our 90km ride the previous Sunday. We did however manage to find some new routes and even came across this structure below, which I believe is a blockhouse built by the British army during the second Boer War.

Greg is the official bike holder as I snap some pics for the blog...

Monday, March 19, 2012

Beware of the Dam

Awesome ride yesterday, Greg and I met up with Adam and Mark and we headed out towards Irene on a similar route to last Sunday. 
The riding was fantastic we managed to do around 90km at an average of 21.5km/h which was pretty good going in my books. Only downfall is that the terrain was relatively flat compared to what we are going to encounter at Sani2C with the total ascent on this ride of only 558m. Click on the link and you can view my Garmin stats for the ride (you may have to change the settings to Metric from Statute in the top right hand side of the page) Sunday 18-03-2012 Outride Stats
It was really great that we could ride with new like minded guys that have the same goals as us, it really made the ride more enjoyable. I had to take a photo of this sign below, taken just near a quarry near Dunblane Estate. Here is Adam holding up the damn sign..... 

2  minute respite for the boys as I take a photo of this classic warning sign.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Good week of training

Wow we managed to pick it up a notch last week doing 12 1/2 hours on the bike and over 260km wear on the tyres. Greg and I are trying to stick to a training program by USN specifically for the Sani2C, that gives you goals with regards to the number of hours you should be training per week. We managed to bank an extra 2 and half hours last week as we were only supposed to do 10hours.  

On Sunday we had a fantastic ride - just over 85km and found some new routes that I look forward to riding again next weekend. We were joined by Adam who we met on our ride last Saturday and is also doing the Sani2C Trail. Here is the link to my Garmin stats for the ride: Outride Stats 11-03-2012

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Outride 03-03-12

So officially our Sani2C training has begun this week. Greg and me are going to do our best to keep to a programme that should increase our fitness levels before the Sani2C Trail in the middle of May. Ok this week got off to a rocky start as Greg had a bit of flu so I had to do a few solo rides. Never a less we managed to do a longer ride today (55km) and once Greg is 100% better we will aim for 80+ next weekend. 

We were fortunate enough to meet some like minded souls on our ride this morning that are also training for Sani2C (as pictured below). Numbers were exchanged and hopefully we will be able to do a couple of longer rides together in the next few months. Besides the company (and competition) it makes sense to ride in larger groups given the increase in bike jackings the past year or so. I am sure you will see more of these faces on my blog in the future....