Monday, March 19, 2012

Beware of the Dam

Awesome ride yesterday, Greg and I met up with Adam and Mark and we headed out towards Irene on a similar route to last Sunday. 
The riding was fantastic we managed to do around 90km at an average of 21.5km/h which was pretty good going in my books. Only downfall is that the terrain was relatively flat compared to what we are going to encounter at Sani2C with the total ascent on this ride of only 558m. Click on the link and you can view my Garmin stats for the ride (you may have to change the settings to Metric from Statute in the top right hand side of the page) Sunday 18-03-2012 Outride Stats
It was really great that we could ride with new like minded guys that have the same goals as us, it really made the ride more enjoyable. I had to take a photo of this sign below, taken just near a quarry near Dunblane Estate. Here is Adam holding up the damn sign..... 

2  minute respite for the boys as I take a photo of this classic warning sign.

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