Sunday, July 3, 2011

Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve ride 3rd July

Wow, we arrived in Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve just before 7 on a chilly morning with the temperature outside the car at -5 degrees. Not knowing what to expect Greg and me eagerly followed Clint on our first ride around the reserve. Clint said it would be tough and it sure was - 1200m of climbing in 57km. There were no flats like we are used to riding in the outskirts of  Benoni, it was either up or down. It was a fantastic yet painful experience, the reserve was lovely we saw lots of game and there road was pretty much only used by cyclists. Our legs took a hamering and I used all 30 of my gears. Great to have Clint as our guide - he let us know in advance what to expect and was supportive all the way.
After a cappuccino to warm us up, the boys are ready to go.

Yup one of the 'small hills' we were down there at one stage..(you can see Clint isn't sweating yet)

At least the views were good near the top of the climb
Greg didn't care about the view here.

Edited a few minutes of the ride on the headcam below..

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