Sunday, February 5, 2017

Mike the Sushi King

February 2017 is here already, how time flies when you are having fun on the bike. Few great rides in the last month with a great bunch of riding mates. It is incredible what a nice group of people are on our riding group - The Benoni Rough Riders, always good banter on the WhatsApp group and there is always fantastic company on our numerous rides (except if it is raining then it is just me and Norman Nofriends). 
Early morning sunrise ride before work 
Sunday breakfast ride - other Mark, Mark, Juan, Paul and Michael 
Sunday afternoon ride with my son and wife...more fun and coffee
The last couple of Sundays we have made a point in our ride to go to the Monument MTB track that a group of guys have made for the benefit of the local riding community. They have done a lot of work there and it is a great flowing track that keeps you honest as you go up Monument hill a few times on the route. Normally we stop for a breakfast and coffee at Hava Java coffee shop on the way home, but this morning we only had coffee as Michael invited us to try his Sushi from his Sushi Bus (he had some stock left over after a event yesterday). Really tasty, we all tucked in, it was awesome and we are all very grateful for Michael's excess stock that needed to be eliminated.  
Michael the Sushi King 
Paul, Sean, Mark and Anton tucking into the tasty sushi  
And of course I have to mention my long time mate Greg Heunis, always there to assist me with any mechanical issues that I have with my bike. Here he is putting 2 new tyres and a chain on my bike. Really thankful for the all the years I have had him practicing his skills on my bike... :-)
"I can't seem to get this bottle of Stans to fit inside this tyre"