Sunday, October 28, 2012

Training for Momentum 94.7

It has been an eventful few weeks since my last blog post. The weather has been a bit mucky and there has been loads of rain. I have managed to keep riding and did a 78km road bike ride with Clint and gang and then a lekker 68km ride with Adam on the MTB the following weekend. Adam and Marco are doing the Berg to Bush MTB stage race this weekend, it really sounds like fun and one to put on the race calendar one day. I had a special day last Sunday when I rode with my 11 year old son for the first time at Modderfontein Trails bike park. He managed 15km and really enjoyed himself on the pristine tracks at 'Modders'.
Yesterday I did a Saturday afternoon (55km) MTB ride with Greg and Justin, when we were about 20km from home the heavens opened and it rained really hard. I was drenched to the bone but it was actually quite refreshing riding in the rain and also the mud was washed off my bike making it one less chore to do when I got home.
My next race is the Momentum 94.7 road race on the 18th of November so this is the time of the year, when I spend some time on the tar instead of ripping up the dirt.  I did a magic road ride today, it started off as a short spin up Atlas road to loosen the legs from the previous days ride but when I hit Atlas road I caught up with a small bunch of riders and my ride dramatically changed. Being the riding slut I am, I asked where they going and if I could join them. Great bunch of people and we went for a long ride - I finished on 96km with over 800m of ascent - yes we went searching for hills towards Midrand and then Modderfontein.  Here are my Garmin readings showing my ride stats and the route that we did - Sunday 28-10-12 road ride.
Yours truly slogging away on the road bike...

Sunday, October 7, 2012

'Modders' 07-10-12

Today summer is definitely back with a bang, my Garmin recorded temperatures of over 36 degrees Celsius - arm and leg warmers RIP (until I need you gain next year). I had a hard but fantastic ride at Modderfontein Trails bike park. I was fortunate enough to ride with Marco's brother Ricardo, I met him at his house just before six and we then rode to the bike park.  Ric is a strong rider and I spent most of the day just trying to keep up with him. We rode the red route at Modders and I was pleasantly surprised with all the new tracks they have made - this place just gets better and better.
Ric and the beautiful 'Modders' in the background
After a full lap we went back to the start / finish and were joined for a second lap by Ric's wife Lauren. I must admit I was pretty poked by now, so the slightly slower pace on the second (shorter) lap was most welcome. Lauren had a fall and I took it about myself to outdo her a few minutes later. Coming down a drop off my tyre washed away in the sand and I gave the earth a big klap (damage - one really bruised thigh, cuts on the arm and pride hurt slightly).

Don't know what they were doing in there but I had to wait for ages :)
Lauren smiling after her inadvertent 'lie-down' coming round the corner
Yours truly - battered and bruised but happy to finish
'Modder Garmin stats 07-10-12' it ended up being a great (yet painful ride). Ric and his wife are fantastic, it was great to ride with new people and I experienced new adventures. Fortunately I was 'forced' to get a lift back to Ric house but Ric showing true grit rode home, finishing up on 83km and I am sure over 1000m ascent. Adam and Marco watch out he has got your number...