Monday, May 25, 2015

Still pedalling...

So it has been a few weeks since my last Blog post and yes I have been riding and not succumbed to an early winter slumber like some people. The early morning rides before work are getting difficult I must admit, it is starting to get really cold and is dark for most of the ride. I have been doing a few spins out to the Broodblik on Saturday morning with the CycleLab group. Below is a picture courtesy of Hansie from one of the rides:
In the same breath I have also had a few longer rides on a Sunday that have been incredible routes with good company. Below is a sunrise from 2 Sundays ago when I went out with Greg and Paul.
I have also entered a new era in my life and have the absolute joy of having my 13 year old son ride with me at the Benoni Country Club mountain bike trails. It is awesome to be able to share this experience with him and see his eagerness to ride and then we can share a coke and have a chat after the ride. Below is a pic that I took last Saturday of some of the wildlife we encountered on the route - and I am not talking about the golfer in the background ;-)
And just to remind me that mountain biking is not for sissies below is a graphic picture (apologies) of my run in with a fence a few weeks ago, leaving a nice cut on my leg. Yes I was late for a ride and should have been more careful but hey s*^t happens.