Sunday, January 15, 2017

2017 bring it on....

So 2017 is in full force and here's hoping it will be bigger and better then 2016. We had some lekker rides at the end of 2016 - I did over 300km in the last week and finished off the year on 8914km. Nice time in the saddle - almost 9000km in 445 hours. That is an extra 18.5 days of life I scored getting up early riding with my mates.
Becky followed by Greg and Claire on the tandem behind
Group ride for Jess near Serengeti 
Jess now living in the USA joined us for a morning ride :-)
I had a dumb fall earlier this week and came down really hard on my hip and ribs. Pretty sore and left with some bruising and a fractured rib. Plenty of TLC and strapping from the Chiropractor.

Stopping to celebrate Becky's 10,000km PA milestone 
Pancake ride on the last day of 2016 - Greg is guarding them from Claire
Looking forward to more time in the saddle for 2017 with some awesome people. We have entered a new stage race in May called the Trail and Trout (Bronkhorspruit to Dullstroom) which will be incredible. Hopefully I will remain injury free and be able to enjoy the experience. 

First ride of 2017 at BCC - my wife was nervous of the new bridge
Customary selfie by the forest stop sign
Great ride today, followed by a breakfast at Hava Java. Benoni Rough Riders is expanding and we are getting new people joining every week. Awesome to meet different people and share our new and past mountain biking experiences. 

Action photo I took today after our  breakfast/coffee stop