Sunday, November 20, 2011

2011 94.7 road race blog report

Garmin - details for the 94.7 race

Awesome ride today as I achieved my goal to crack the 4 hour mark (an hour faster than last year). Really chuffed with myself, after a slow start I managed to pick up the pace on the N14 highway and handled the last few hills with no problem. Fortunately the weather was not as hot as last year and it makes a big difference starting at 7:35 instead of 8:30.

Ok you want the real truth about my dramatic increase in performance - no it was not drugs or the almost 6000kms done on my MTB since the last race. I decided to become a real roadie for one day and shaved my legs (painstaking process of culling 42 years of growth). So there you have it, my slick little pegs took me home in record time.
Happy camper at the end of the race

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