Monday, August 24, 2009

Part 1 - when it didn't happen

Stan the rat, spent a long time looking at the appalling weather outside. It is true that he contemplated turning his mobile phone off, surely thought, Richard the Lion will realise that this morning is not the best for an adventure ride. The rat drew a deep breath and the icy cold air filled his undersized lungs to half hearted capacity. The Mongoose well named for the metaphorical relationship it implied, stood nearby waiting to be used. Today it’s cold aluminium frame would see no action unless of course the lion phoned…..but the Lion did not.

This worried the rat a little, pleased as he was, his selfish survivalist personality was on occasion disrupted by his concern for the lions well being. He had put the absence of the lions call to the only weak point he knew the lion possessed. Richard had earned the name of the lion through fearless endeavour, through blood offerings in the swamp where he was once attacked by a swarm of vindictive and savagely territorial horse flies. The horse fly saga is of such epic proportion that it has earned nearly legendary status and really needs a more detailed chronicle, perhaps later.
Rat thought about the lion's early adrenaline raising interaction with the steamroller, redeeming features he thought but that too needs dealing with a little later.
Suffice the reader for now to know that the lion has also proved his mettle in resilient comeback after numerous falls. His tenacious handling of extreme physical and mental challenges was proven, ratty had to admit. Only a truly extraordinary circumstance would have keep the lion away.

Oh well, perhaps on Wednesday the rat thought, as he returned the Mongoose to its stable. The Goose would be even more demanding to ride if it did not get a mid week release.

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