Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Ride 17th Jan 2010

We had an awesome ride today, Stand, Greg and me were fortunate to be joined by a friend of Stan's - Ed and his son Jarred (pictured below).

The route that we took was along Homestead Dam towards Atlasville and the out towards the plots. At the bottem of Brentwood stables Greg opted to to go through the wet grass track towards Great North road and shouted out the challenge, Jarred and Richard accepted the challenge but the older wiser men Stan and Ed stuck to the tar.

Greg's enthusiasm was soon dampened when he hit a hole covered in water and took a tumble, shaving off some skin off his shin - real man does not cry.  Greg was 1-0 up in the fall department, Richard soon overtook with 2 tumbles in the mud near the model power boat dam.

We then went out passed Senringeti golf estate (carefully navigating the small bridge over the river) and then into the open veld. Seen below are the boys having a halftime energy snack and chat.

A few more tackles with mud and portage crossing over small stream (a real man rode through it) and then our route was blocked by a huge trench that was dug during the week for a gas pipe. A bit of portage to get around this obsticle. Stan the man shown below (after ramping the trench).

Don't wait for us boys!!!!!

We ventured home via the Sandpan and the small climb to Linmed hospital (very tempted to check in) and then back to our starting point at the Wimpy in Lakefield - 50km ride that will be remembered for a long time. Thanks boys.

Back home to clean the bike - good as new, the legs give away that there was a bit of mud....

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