Monday, May 3, 2010

Sunday 2nd May 2010

Loads of rain the past week led to really muddy ride. Greg and myself went for a +50km ride to test Greg's new saddle, chain, chain ring and cluster could with stain the Benoni mud (Stan was taking a much deserved rest).

Went went out past Dunblain horse estate and tried to find a way around the back of it to no avail. We met up with another rider - think his name was Craig? (photo below) and we rode with him for awhile (ok Greg did and I puffed and panted behind).

Fortunately Craig left us and we could ride at a more moderate pace. After Serengeti we went over Pomona road and past the Telkom tower we once again encountered the sewage works. This sewer has been overflowing into the small dam for the past month. It was a really kak job crossing over this sess pit of a stream, plenty of stinking mud to take home with us.

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