Thursday, June 24, 2010

Polar bear rides

I did a polar bear ride on Wednesday morning and managed to convince Stan the man (no Ratty did not weasel out of this challenge) to ride with me on Thursday morning. 

I left home at 05:15 and the temperature was well below 0 degrees, I was fully equiped for the weather - 2 pairs of gloves, leg warmers, T Shirt, riding jacket, wind breaker, socks covered by thermal socks and a riding balaclava. 

Stan the Man came out of his house to great me with grunt and much to my surprise he only had his rding shorts on, a thin long sleeve T Shirt and fingeless gloves. Needless to say he is a real man as I was frozen even with all my gear on, I didn't have a chance to ask him if he was cold as I spent the whole time trying to catch up with him (either he was trying to get home as fast as posible or he has been secretly training). 

Anyway it was really good to get out in the morning and too have Stan join me once again - Woza weekend. Below is a picture of the sunrise over Korsman Pan taken with frozen fingure tips. 


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