Monday, September 13, 2010

Beast of the East route - Sunday 12th Sept

Today Greg and I rode most of the route that was used for the Beast of the East MTB race that was held last year. We parked our car at Barnstomers model aircraft club, so that we did not have to touch any tar at all and could have more time to play in the dirt (the pink tickets that our wives give us, have time limits, so we must make the most of it).

We rode the route counter clockwise to what was raced last year - this was pretty hectic because the first 10kms were uphill from Barnstormers. Greg pretty much sprinted away in the beginning and was averaging 21kms up the long hills before waiting on Sir Mytummy Isbigger Thenyours to catch up. We saw about 10 other MTBs coming the other way on the route - they knew we were tougher.

Below are a few pics take during the ride:

Check out how fast the 'treated' water is flowing out the sewage pipe into the river - Stan where's your boat?

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