Monday, April 4, 2011

Route42 race report

Another big milestone in my short mountain biking lifespan has been accomplished: I completed the John Deere Route42 Suikerbosrand classic race yesterday and no, not the short distance but the full 75km race (entered as the 85km but we were fortunately short changed).

I rode with Jacque and Darren the entire distance which was an awesome experience. It made the race a lot more enjoyable as we chatted and chirped the whole way and helped each other out with mechanicals (not to mention the customary stop for lunch under a tree - potatoes, eggs and minute steaks). There was no monotonous battle with yourself and this made the route much more enjoyable. I had a big fall near the beginning - similar to the one at the Epic this year on the following link: (yes you must click on the word)Except I didn't cry so much and nothing was broken besides my pride (nice roasty on the arm and bruised hip).

The route itself was fantastic: loads of jeep and single track with a few climbs mixed with forrests, sand and mud. The water points were great with friendly people and there were marshals at every turn showing you the right way. I was impressed by the helpers that  carried our bikes across the canal crossing and had them ready for us on the other side. Congrats to the organisers.

In summary it was the best and longest race I have done. Our moving time was 4:12 and my average heart rate was 164 beats per minute for the duration of the ride - so we never took it easy.
After the ride (I was leaning on the bike as I couldn't stand properly after my fall)

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