Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sun City

The past few days I was fortunate enough to go to Kwamaritane Game Lodge situated just outside of Sun City in the North West province of South Africa. Holiday - not really, it was a work team building event. Not wanting to miss out on the opportunity to ride in new places and keep up my training, I decided to take my bike with. Where to ride is the question that was soon answered on the hub website, with Neil kindly answering my plea. Neil is a local at Sun City and is familiar with all the fabulous routes around the resort.

We met pretty early after 05:00, to get an hour or two in before Neil had to go to work. I managed to convince one of the roadies at work (Chris) to venture onto the dirt side and brought a bike for him to ride. Here he is below savouring some of his first single track.
The riding was spectacular, we rode on Thursday and Friday morning. Mostly on the route that the Sun City MTB race used the previous month. We were so fortunate to have Niel as our guide to take us through the route and through the golf course etc. Loads of single track, jeep track, sand and rocky hills that added variety to what we don't get in the outback of Benoni. I had a nasty fall on the first day that will leave its mark for a few weeks and Niel also had a tumble - the roadie was the only one not getting closer to mother earth.  
Sun City - golf course and Palace in the background

Neil after he had a 'lie down' when skidding around the corner

Neil and Chris (and my trusty stead) after the ride
 Not riding related but it was an awesome experience - we went down a 2km zip line/Foefie slide off the top of the mountain at Sun City. You get harnessed to the 'trolley' that runs on the cable that is connected to a tower 2kms down at the bottom of the mountain. I had my riding helmet on and managed to record the experience on my headcam.

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