Friday, May 4, 2012

Sani2C Training....almost done

So we have less then 10 days to go before we embark on our exciting adventure and participate in our first Sani2C mountain bike event. Must admit I am pretty scared after speaking to my mate Pierre today who is currently doing the Joburg2C. He has just completed day 8 of his race from Heidelberg to Scotborough and they do the same route as Sani2C over the last 3 days of their 9 day event. He said it was a tough day 100km and over 80% was single track with lots of hills. 

Our training was ambushed last weekend by a injury Greg picked up to his leg - but he is visiting the chiropractor and hopefully he will be fit for the race (even so I still managed to do 280kms on the MTB in the last 7 days). Tomorrow is the tester when we will try to do a 5 hour ride in search of some hills Irene way.

Awesome sunrise taken on one of my morning training rides this week..

Thought this was appropriate as I gonna need some mental toughness in the next few weeks...

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