Thursday, June 21, 2012

Winter blues

Does it count if you dream about riding in the cold winter months?
There is a direct correlation between 'the weather and time spent on the bike'. In the last week or so, I have managed just a few early morning rides. The dark and icy cold wind, takes some real muster to tackle in the mornings. My new found discovery of wearing disposable latex gloves under my riding gloves proved fallible last week when my hands were so frigging cold after returning from a early morning ride. It seriously took me 5 minutes just to take out my gate remote from my jacket and press the buttons to get into the house (and a further 10 minutes defrosting my hands in warm water to get some circulation back).  Nevertheless I will continue my battle against the elements and ensure that I ride a few times a week to be at least little fit when summer finally decides to pay us a welcome visit.   

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