Sunday, April 14, 2013

Breedts Nek and more

Wow!! our Sani2C training got a massive boost today, we had an incredible ride from Sterkfontein Caves, up Breedts Nek and back to the Caves via Hekpoort pass. Click here: for the ride stats
After hearing about the infamous Breedts Nek climb from many mountain bikers over the years, we were fortunate enough to be able to go there today. It was quite a drive from the East Rand were we live and we left really early before 5:00 to get there by 6:30. We then met my friend Pierre at the Sterkfontein Caves car park (he had riden there from Northcliff). Pierre I must mention is a absolute mountain biking machine after doing a few Epics, Joburg to Seas, Cape Pioneer Trek etc. His weekend riding was a total of 250km - so this man knows his way around a mountain bike. Pierre was kind enough to take us on some awesome routes through to Breedts Nek, his knowledge of the area after many years of riding is enormous, we went on some fantastic tracks that not many people know about. This ride was incredible, the scenery was out of this world and the route was pretty tough at times with some big hills which is vastly different from the flat tracks we are used to in Benoni. 
Pierre and I on the top of Breedts

Greg was grateful to be at the top..

Mission accomplished Breedts has been conquered

Pierre and Greg

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