Thursday, September 26, 2013

Summer holiday

I was fortunate enough to spend 9 glorious days on the Northern Coast of KwaZulu Natal with my family. This holiday was a long time coming and it was really awesome to share this experience with my wonderful wife and kids. As per usual my trusty mountain bike was the first thing to be packed and I managed to go on a few incredible rides. It is really thrilling to go and explore new areas and find the best routes or places to ride. We stayed in a small resort/town called Tinley Manor and this secluded little village had loads of open sugarcane fields to explore when I got the opportunity to head out. I really enjoy exploring and venturing out into the great unknown, the terrain is very different from where I stay and there are loads of hills. The riding was really fantastic, below are some of the pictures of my adventures.
Early morning sunrises were fantastic
Riding back to Tinley Manor (in the background) this lagoon stopped my route

Sugarcane fields
I came round a corner and wiped out in the soft sand
Holla Trails - just north of Ballito there is some of the best riding one could experience. I was blown away by my first experience at Holla Trails, I was a bit nervous about going there by myself as I had now idea of what route to ride etc... Fortunately the guys I parked next to took me in an insisted that I ride with them. These guys (Allan, Pete and Ken) were amazing, veterans of Holla Trails and they showed me all the best bits. 
Besides sugarcane, there is plenty of single track, forests etc

Yours truly

Well deserved coffee afterwards
was great having Pete behind me warning me of all the sharp climbs
 More exploring the sugarcane fields near Tinley Manor....

My best photo, great riding and great views

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