Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Momentum 94.7 2013 - one step closer

OK so Sunday I competed in my 5th Momentum 94.7 cycle road race (94km). This year I was way under prepared as I only did 3 road bike rides before the event. OK I didn't sit on my butt the weeks before but played around on my trusty mountain bike. I realised on the day that this was not enough as the intensity on the road bike is a lot different to that on a mountain bike. The race itself was pretty good, weather was fantastic, turning into a very hot day.
I managed to push to the front of my group to join Clint and Lappies
I started in Group K which was must better then last year but not where I want to be (finished 128 out 536 in the group). Ideally I would like to  be in a few groups higher as there is very little 'bunch' riding in the later groups and there are many riders in the road in front of you. There were quite a few times that I was boxed in and couldn't ride freely. My aim for this race was to complete it in around 3:10 and this was accomplished. Next year hopefully with a few seeding races under my belt I should be able to up my game a little more, to shave off the 10 odd minutes that I need to break the magical sub 3 hour mark.  But as you can see from the results below there have been some good improvements over the years.... 


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