Thursday, April 10, 2014

Training ride/race in Naaaigel

We did a fantastic race last Sunday from Nigel Italian club in the East Rand. This race is called Suikerbosrand Route 42 MTB Classic and it really was a classic race. I have done this race a few times and it keeps improving every year. The route was really awesome loads of single track climbs and flowing jeep track. Fair amount of climbing 800m in the 75km route to keep the legs honest. It was great training ride for Sani2C next month as you had to go flat out for close on 4 hours. Although we did a 95km ride last weekend this ride was twice as hard and my legs really felt the training efforts that we had done during the week.
Greg and I at the chilly start
I also learnt something from this race - don't try keep up with the racing snakes in front at the start - I burnt a few matches trying to keep up with the front runners averaging over 30km/h for the first 15km. Nice field of nearly 300 people that entered the 75km race and even with pap legs I managed to finished in the top half. Here are the Strava stats for this ride.
Some of our weekly riding group - Rennet, Greg, me, Becky and Sean
Lovely early morning MTB rides this week and the chance to witness the sun come up

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