Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mayday groupie.

1st of May was a public holiday and it was great to go out on a long ride during a normal working week. 21 of us met for an awesome group ride that started from the BP at O'Reilly Merry street before we headed out to the Benoni outback.
The group before the ride
Fantastic strong group that was well matched. So awesome to ride with different people and have the continual banter and entertainment provided mainly by George.
First obstacle was a little river crossing and after a bit of hesitation we all got our feet wet, some braver then others - riding through the rocky riverbed and a few choosing to walk it out. Below of some photos of the ride:  
Greg wetting his nice white shoes
Clint's new Ghost gliding over the water

Jaco - ex roadie

Gary riding a real bike once again

George showing the youngsters how it is done

Tuck and roll when approaching thick sand

George at his best after going round the locked gate to the quarry

Birthday boy Paul had to be different
Heading down into towards the quarry
It has been a great week of riding, starting on Sunday, we did a ride to Modders and back (incl. airport trees)  98km. There were 4 of us that rode  Greg, Eddie, Milton and I. Few tumbles but good riding all-round. The next day Greg, Dee and I went for a chilled 56km to loosen the legs.
Sani2C starts in less then 2 weeks so our preparation is pretty much done now, few more medium rides and then we can relax until the 3 days of madness begins.

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