Sunday, September 14, 2014

Heidelberg radio mast and back

So after a few weeks of limited activity because of my back injury, I took the bait that Greg casually threw out and organized a group ride from Benoni up to Heidelberg radio mast and back. Not sure it was the wise choice doing a 95km MTB ride with unfit legs, but hey if you can't stand the heat stay, out of the kitchen.
Awesome ride, going to Heidelberg the pace was quick and besides Dee having a puncture and Michael getting propositioned by a prostitute, it was uneventful. All I can say that it was a tough ride coming back with a strong headwind knocking the remaining strength out of my legs. 
Great company, always nice when a group fits in so nicely, everyone is involved and no one rode away or lagged behind too much. Greg, Paul, Wayne, Michael, Becky, Sean, Jess, Dee and Tony it was incredible to share another Mountain Bike adventure with you all, thank you.
Meeting outside PF Gym first flat wheel of the day
The group at the top of the radio tower hill
Jess single speed champ gave us all carrots up the hill
Wayne making the view look ugly
Dee making the view look pretty
Becky and Sean swapping their drugs
Paul keeping everything on track
Michael and Becky in the back ground
Group minus Greg
Gritting my teeth after the long hard slog from the mine dumps to the road
Welcome stop for a refreshing coke at the 85km mark

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