Sunday, March 13, 2016

The long one....

Sunday the 28th of Feb was a memorable ride. We started off in a big group 25+ riders with a support vehicle. We had a great opportunity to join the beginning of this ride by some crazy nutters that do a 200km mountain bike ride to Loskop dam (2 of them being Rebecca and Sean from our group). I was definitely not that brave (or fit enough) to take on this massive challenge, so a five of us (Mark, Wayne, Michael, Michelle and me) rode the first 50km with them and then did some route exploring.  
The first 50km was really crazy as it was a large group of really strong riders so the pace was hectic, we averaged 30km per hour. Once we hit Oxbow resort (where we were hoping to stop for coffee) we parted ways and had a chance to catch our breath. This ended up being my longest ride on a mountain bike 121km and was incredible on all fronts. The weather was perfect (overcast) and the company of my fellow Rough Riders was on top form as usual.  Here are the stats of my ride 

Action selfie - Wayne and Michael hard as steel
Long district roads - one of the few times I could ride in front of Mark
Not sure why Michelle is showing the peace sign, she takes no prisoners
Group photo after stopping for a drink at a 'local' shop
Wayne and Mike
Train tracks from hell
Great view and a well deserved breather..

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