Sunday, July 17, 2016

Coffee rides to see out winter

So the plan is to keep the legs turning over during winter, this is easier said then done given the cold and dark early mornings. At the moment it is down to 2 rides during the week, on a Wednesday and a Friday and then a longer one on the weekend. These generally involve coffee and a catch up with the few that brave the horrid conditions (Wayne seems to be Mr Consistency at the moment joining me in the mornings that we ride).

Ashley printed out some great mugs for the Benoni Rough Riders - I think the slogan on the cup is very apt and my wife says is very relevant to me.  
We did a great (81km) ride this morning (Sunday 17th July) to SentraRand and back with a great breakfast at The Parks restuarant at the end - 9 Rough Riders showed up for a fresh Sunday ride and it was really awesome. 
Me, Alistair, Ross, Marco, Michael and Wayne (Ashley, Robert and Mark had time constraints and couldn't stay)
Early morning sunrise when riding past Korsmans Pan (1km from my house) 15-07-2016
Loads of evening sunset walks with my loverly wife...and yes I have been putting these on Strava
Awesome to witness a sunrise and sunset on the same day 15-07-2016. 
No new bike yet as I am still waiting for my frame replacement (after it broke at Sani to Sea) - hopefully I will receive it at the end of July. I am still on the old frame with the 'temporary fix' that was done on day 2 of Sani - hopefully it will still see me out for the next couple of weeks. 

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