Tuesday, December 20, 2016

To the Barn that is Red and back...

Great ride to the Big Red Barn mountain bike park outside Irene on Sunday the 18th of December 2016. A few dedicated mountain bikers met at 05:30 at the BP to push our bodies to the limits whilst having a whole lot of fun. Fast ride there averaging almost 24km/h (thanks to Billy and Ian). Once at the park, Alister took us on some of the best parts which was extremely enjoyable. Awesome trails that are fun to ride even for the technically challenged like myself. Breakfast followed by the slog home. The ride home was great, nice pace and Ian took us on a different way that really broke the manotamy of riding the same parts getting there. Really enjoyed this ride - I finished on 101km and was not completely broken. 

Customary breakfast after churning up the track...
Get in line - Billy, Michelle, Becky
The Famous Babekas Becky
Yes was in front of Ian at one stage
Billy the Bandit
Group shot almost home...
Ride in the rain last week - followed by coffee at the M&B

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