Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Kitty Hawk and Rosemary Hill

Great ride out from Benoni to Kitty Hawk air strip on the edge of Pretoria. Wayne, Becky, Sean and myself ventured out there one late summer morning. It was really good doing a different route and the end destination did not disappoint - we could have a nice breakfast and see light aircraft land. We saw a WW2 Russian YAK land and taxi in just near us. Definitely going to return to this place. Ended up doing 116km round trip.  
Train tracks just before I took a tumble over the handle bars
Kitty Hawk Aerodrone 
A few weeks prior to this Wayne and myself ventured out to Rosemary Hill in Pretoria East. It was great riding just the 2 of us as we could control the pace and not except ourselves so we could at least have a nice ride at Rosemary Hill MTB track once we got there. Close to 100km ride that was spectacular, nice to ride down WTF hill, it looks like a nice challenge to go up it, but that is for another day. Fortunately Wayne's in-laws could give us a lift back to Benoni so we didn't t have the slog back. 
Rosemary Hill riding - great route
Wayne waiting ahead as usual 


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