Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Alien infestation in Benoni?

I must admit Richard has been a good host, for his privacy I have not written about the horseflies last year,
but certain events have left me with no choice this may yet become a matter of global importance.
One for the men in black if we have any.

Confused? Yes, so am I.

Perhaps the best place to start is at the beginning lets go back one year then shall we?

The Rat and the Lion were still new to mountain biking, Ratty’s little brain is equipped with a GPS and as such finding paths is normally left to him, Finding s water is also a little sideline ratty gets into, so inevitably at some point we end up in a swamp.

It is rainy season and Ratty heads for high ground, The Lion instead is wading knee deep in stagnant water with his bike on his shoulders (just like a real man would)
The lion must have been a prime target, Perfect DNA for a host.I believe a mutant species of horseflies (possibly alien) Took to feasting on the lion, - he suffered terribly and was bitten at least 50 times

For a while we steered clear of the swamp…

But Sunday 13 of Dec, the lion seemed a little different on his ride, he kept trying to meet up with other alpha males, he kept heading for water and he kept falling of his bike. I think his body was being controlled from within. Ratty proverbially speaking smelt a rat when the lion headed on towards the swamp. This confused ratty a little because it was after all rainy season.

Perhaps the company of a newly found alpha male who had tagged onto the ride made the Lion want to show off, we headed straight to the stream. Fortunately ratty was first to wade across, unfortunately he cut himself in the crossing.


Ratty turned to the Lion for courage and was most horrified to witness, a chilling sight, live horseflies seemed to be erupting from the Lions skin!

Savage and eager to start a new lifecycle they attacked us, Lion and the more alpha male suffered terribly.
Ratty who was fortunately on the other side of the stream took to his bike and fled suffering only a few bites, no eggs were laid.
Someone though needs to start watching Richard, I believe the mutant flies possessed with a higher order intelligence carefully selected a host (why else would ratty have escaped, not once, but twice)

The lion’s insistence on attracting other alpha males seemed programmed,  I believe it an uncontrolled action to lure good DNA into the swamp. I believe the proximity of the stream close to Denel aviation and all it’s military secrets is not coincidence, I believe more eggs were laid and the number of hosts has multiplied.

Now where are those men in Black?



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