Monday, December 21, 2009

Mud and more Sunday 20th Dec

Lion got new tyres on his mountain bike and wanted test out the new grip. We ventured put to the MTB track that is next to the ORT airport, lovely day with the rising sun not too hot as there was a bit of cloud to keep things cool.

The single track was awesome - as usual Ratty led the way - there was a nice bridge made of crates to get over the worst of the mud (luckerly for Lion the horse flies were still sleeping). Loads of mud and water, at one stage the single track was a little stream for the rain water to run off from the previous night . The forest section was enchanting - the winding track made you loose your sense of direction. Lion fell off a few times - not because of the new tyres but a co-ordination problem. Pictured below is Lion tackling the big grass and Ratty with splash up on his back.

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