Saturday, February 27, 2010

Weekend ride Sat 27 Feb

Fantastic muddy ride this morning, started early - meeting at the gym at 06:00 and ventured out towards Serengeti. First muddy single track next to Atlas drive in, plenty of water and our chains and derailers became clogged with grass so we had to stop and clean them. I had my first fall of the day shortly after this - going through a dip, I didn't lift my front wheel and went flying over the handle bars knocking the wind out my chest in the process - schools fees. Riding to Serengeti, I must mention that I was for the first time slightly quicker then Greg (he must have been saving himself for the last few hills home). 

Rain damage - the pallisade fense over the bridge by Serengeti has been washed away, must have been quite a flood.

Fall number 2 happended shortly after the bridge - bike just skidded in the mud as I was talking to Greg: 

The jeep track was floaded in places - Greg trying to brave the wet....

At last Greg had a fall - score is Rich 55, Greg 3:

After a brief stop at the Petit farmers market for a muffin and coffee (and plenty of laughs at how dirty we were) we ambled home, 50+ km ride that was really awesome. Stan we missed you bud.

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