Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunday 18th April

Stan the man could not be woken out of his slumber this morning - wisdom comes with age they say. Needless to say Greg and myself set off from home at 06:15 to meet at the gym by 06:30.
Rich - "how far should we go?",
Greg - "don't mind how long is your pink ticket for?"
Rich - "no time limit, but I know you have a plan to catch to Nigeria"
Greg - "not fussed, if I had my way I would do the normal (50km) route twice" 
Eeeeeek Rich thought to himself - where was Stan his anchor man when he needed him?

Greg - rode hard (plane to catch....) and Rich spent the all the time trying to catch up.  Out through Marister/Petit towards Serengeti and through the mud, past the mielies to Barnhoppers model airplane flying club (past Bapsfontein road). Short rest, rearranged clothing, hydropack etc - there were no takers from the model aircraft owners for my kind offer "you can ride my bike, if I can fly your plane". On leaving the flying club, we saw a group of mongoose (if you look really close you may spot them in the photo below). 
Shortly after leaving the flying club, going through a dip I dislodged the side wall on my back tyre and had to bomb it quick, before carrying on. Rode through a really muddy part at one stage and had to really give it horns or else you would be stuck (spent the next hour or so to recover from this burst of energy). Back home via our normal pasage past Serengeti golf estate (Rich still walking over the bridge). Rich did his normal over the handle bars dismount when going through the small dip after the 'model speed boat' dam (eish I am getting good at falling). 

Back home in almost one piece 68kms of hard but great riding - come on Rooiberg I am not so scared anymore.... 

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