Monday, January 31, 2011

To Heildelberg and back

Saturday 29th Jan 2011 - I had a great ride with the Procyles group on Saturday morning early (a good 50km dash to the plots and back). Ok with the exception of a puncture that had to be plugged near the end and the overflowing sewer that only the brave rode through (me not being one of them).

Sunday 30th Jan 2011 was another turning point in my short mountain biking experience. I got to do 2 decent rides in a row, my longest MTB ride and first trip up decent hill (without stopping that is).

Greg and me were fortunate enough to join the seasoned professional Ian from Procyles to take us out to Heidelberg and back. It was very misty on the way there so my bearings were totally whacked but we made it there in no time. Ian put the challenge out to go up the hill at Heidelberg where the TV masts and water reserves are. Hesitantly I took up the challenge and found it wasn't too bad spinning up to the top in granny gear. We raced back down for a well deserved coffee and muffin at the Wimpy at Heidelberg before making our way back to where we parked our cars in Boksburg - 72km distance, ascent 541m, 3hour 33min, ave speed 20.6km/h.

Awesome ride thanks Ian it was incredible.
The route we took from Boksburg to Heilderburg and back
Naah! Ian the machine doesn't need to rest
Picture is diceptive it was pretty steep
The view would have been better if there was no mist

I am trying out my new head camera and managed to edit a few shots of the ride in the video below - excuse the quality (its my first one ok).

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