Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sun 22nd and 29th May Rides

Sunday 22nd May was another awesome ride - we met Clint and Dee at the BP at 07:00 and then did the same route as the previous Wednesday ride. You think we would have learnt - still loads of mud and water and we all got our feet wet again (Clint did a nice dodge on the last big puddle - choosing the tar instead, in his words "if you can't beat them then cheat")

Unfortunately I forgot to clear the last video off my head cam so I only has some space for a few minutes filming of the ride (pity cause there were some good water crossing shots).

All in all a good ride I felt strong, maxed out my heart rate a few times, we did 68km at a relatively quick pace given the mud and water. Nice to ride with Dee and Clint - great people and strong mountain bike riders even if they are converted roadies....

Sunday 29th of May - brrrr been really the last few days, Greg and me chickened out of riding on Thursday morn because of the wind and the sudden cold spell. We started our Sunday ride with our Garmins reading only 3 degrees, our fingers and toes feeling the brunt of the cold. Different route this Sunday - out past the model aircraft flying club and up the small koppie. Good to do some hills, the route in some parts was overgrown, so we had to do some real mountain biking - our leg warmers covered in black jacks.

In total 64kms at 19.5km/h average speed, both of us a bit tired at the end but it was memorable.

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