Thursday, May 19, 2011

Vote day....18th May

Wednesday the 18th of May was a public holiday in South Africa which means a day off work - oh what to do, oh what to do....

How about a nice mountain bike ride and then vote later. Once this was decided and Greg was keen (as always), plans were made - wait a tweet from The Saint (Clint) saying they were meeting at  the BP a 07:00 for a ride. Scrap the plans and lets join Clint and his group for a ride. Having never met Clint before this seemed like a great opportunity - it is amazing how technology can connect people with similar interests - Twitter is awesome. 

Greg and me met Clint, Jacques, Hennie, Mark and Karen at the BP and we then went on a nice muddy and sometimes wet outride. It was really great to be around other like minded people that ride at a similar pace. It was really fun chatting to new people and sharing our ideas, thoughts and passion for cycling. All in all, a great ride - from home and back it was just under 70km with an average speed of 19.5. Good thing is, that they meet every weekend so I am sure we will see more of them.

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