Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday MTB ride 12-06-2011

At last the cold spell is over and we can come out of hibernation and put some time in the saddle and not freeze our nuts off. Greg and me met up with Clint at the BP at 07:30 and it was a beautiful day for riding. We headed out past Dunblane Estate and then past Barnstormers model flying club.

Unfortunate stop for my #@$%^&* rear tyre that flated again - couple of bombs and a plug soon sorted it out. I also lost a screw for my cleat and envisaged an awkward ride home - Greg managed to find something that could fit in and secure the cleat and we were back in business. All three of us had a fall each - I think Greg won the trophy for the best one, as he ended up in a puddle and got a bit wet. I managed to get some of the ride in a video below.

Another awesome ride 63km total distance, ave speed 20km/h, ave heart rate 154bpm, 355m ascent.
Greg rode like he had a plane to catch (which he did - Nigeria for a few days), guess I will have to brave the cold and dark alone for the morning rides...

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