Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Getting ready for Nissan Down and Dirty

Had a very cool ride on Sunday. Greg and me went to Barn Stormers model aircraft flying club (bikes on the car) and tried to do some of the Nissan Down and Dirty race that we had entered the next Saturday. We parked and added extra clothes as the weather had turned a little chilly and then headed out on our adventure.
This was really exciting as we were exploring new areas we had not ridden before. After a few obstacles (fence hoping etc) we headed towards Irene on what we thought would be the tail end of the 70km route we would be doing. Lovely jeep track over a koppie along power lines, miellie fields and then past a well used brick works. After stopping two MTBs that were riding from Irene, we got directions and continued on our journey.

#EPICFAIL - we ended up going in a full circle back to where we started, our sense of direction totally whacked - 20km done. Ok different route this time - new dirt roads and jeep track led us to the R21 highway near Irene, which we followed for a while before heading back to the flying club - 30km loop this time. Great ride besides not knowing where we were, but that made it more exciting. Hopefully we covered a small part of the route of the race - should be awesome.
Sunrise on my morning ride 30-08-2011

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