Thursday, December 15, 2011

Last day of work

How cool is it to go on a 2 hour ride on your last day of work - need to get ready for my 3 week break where hopefully I will ride myself silly. Unfortunately on one of the routes that we have been using for years they are building a big wall blocking the way to the veld below Serengeti Golf Estate.

This will cause an inconvenience to a lot of Mountain Bikers that use this route...:(

Greg taking a rest while I moan about the new wall

Ok I think I need a shower after the morning's ride


  1. Was great to join you guys last week. I need to get stronger so that I can keep up with you guys next time I join for a ride :) Enjoy your leave Richard

  2. Thanks Pierre, was good you could join us. Don't get too fit because you will leave us behind as you were pretty strong for someone whose only been riding for 6 weeks. Enjoy the Cape.