Sunday, December 11, 2011

Riding stats for 2011

It was almost a year ago that my beautiful wife bought me a Garmin Edge 500 GPS for Christmas. Although my MTB riding has been the topic of many a heated conversation in this household, I know that she really supports my new found passion for the fabulous sport. The stats below however are top secret and she must never know that I spent over 314 hours of my free time (that is over 13 whole days) away from her beloved presence with my trusty mountain bike. And please don't tell her that next year is going to be even bigger, with our entry into the Sani2C we have to really stretch the legs and do some really big rides before May next year.....
Count: 177 Activities

Distance: 6,126.35 km

Time: 314:37:53 h:m:s

Elevation Gain: 41,701 m

Avg Speed: 19.5 km/h

Calories: 228,994 C

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